Tuesday, March 7


Last night I had the very great pleasure of being with my niece as she stood up for the 1st time on her surfboard in the surf at Bondi. She was euphoric and ecstatic and turned blue because she wanted to catch "just one more wave" - about another 40 times. She looked so cool, this little cute girl on a surfboard, and so many people were congratulating her she felt like a star.

This is a shot of her and her sister in the little forest near my house from the weekend - we were learning about the under water spring system that used to feed the lakes in the park which actually was the initial water supply for the early settlers of Sydney. I love being with these girls!


Anonymous MaRisa said...

Finnaly some time to come and take a look at your blog again. HI!

Jindi already surfing? Wauw!
Would had love to see her proud face.
Congrats en greetings!

2:23 am  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

how cool! she's a lot braver than i would ever be!

4:31 am  

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