Thursday, March 16

Party Pooper

Funny how when you take a Panadol the whole headache thing goes away. I didn't have any in the house the night before and so struggled alone for approximately 15 hours. I hate taking "medication" but the remnant shadow of the killer from the day before was still there and I just couldn't deal with it anymore. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts.

So the opening ceremony of yet another major sporting meet has passed - so what! Who really cares? Why do we waste all that time & money and effort? And while I'm whinging, why do I care if someone wins a medal? They're not winning it for me, or the country - they're winning it for themselves. And I can't hear any more crap about the devotion and sacrifice these athletes put themselves through - who's asking them to do this? Who wants the adulation? Who wants the big prize? Who wants to be the best in the world? Who gets to have a cushy media job the rest of their lives because of their sacrifices?

And now to the ceremony - my friend - and his band did perform the first song of the evening, not that you would have noticed. There was 1 tiny shot of the band for about 1.5 seconds and that was it. And the back announce at the end of the song was clipped and cutoff and not clear so again no recognition of the artists. It was The Church and they performed their beautiful "Under the Milky Way". How disrespectful is that? Go figure what the hell that was all about.

And why do we continue to involve and incorporate our Indigenous culture into events that put Australia on the world stage? Who are we trying to kid here? Ourselves? The rest of the world? It's ok to use and identify with Indigenous art and dreamtime imagery and the digeridoo. But when it comes to land rights and health care and education - that's another story we should keep swept under the carpet. Hypocrites is what we are! It starts right at the top and it's weeding it's way down to the bottom. And then having the Queen come to open the bloody commonwealth's games - give me a fucking break! If that just isn't the most ironic set of circumstances: indigenous culture be honoured and respected and incorporated into the mainstream, and the Prime Minister sitting side by side the Queen - and none of the media say boo about it.

And why is Condaleeza Rice commenting on who would be Australia's best trading partners and who Australia needs to be afraid of? Back off sister!


Blogger lisa s said...

i'm glad to hear your head is better... i had a migrane/headache for over a week not too long ago and it's MISERABLE!

2:23 am  
Blogger Aimee "Roo" said...

wow, you know The Church?? i am impressed. that is really too bad they didn't get the airtime they deserved.

i agree with you for the most part on big old sporting events. i don't understand why people are so sport obsessed, especially with sport figures. i enjoy playing, that is the fun part... what's so great about sitting there watching it??

glad you are feeling better!

3:52 am  
Blogger dani said...

i only know one member of the church - and he's a top bloke! and yes playing is far more fun than watching other people play sport - except for cricket which i can't do very well.

seems like a lot of people had migraines lately - weird? hope this means the end of this for us all for a while!

9:33 am  
Anonymous sooz said...

Ditto on the impressed front. The church are way cool. A

lso can't agree more about indigenous aussies who spend most of their lives ignored or positively squished until it's showcase time. An absolute fucking disgrace. And the queen? Yeah, that was $3million well spent bucks. I'm with you. Grrr

11:12 am  
Anonymous mw said...

The Church are awesome.
If you think Under the Milky Way is cool
you should check out their new stuff:
Uninvited Like the Clouds and
Back With Two Beasts - the 2 new Cd's launching this month.
The vocals are dreamy and the music rocks.
The organisers of the CG's are a disgrace

12:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darl, I've never seen you so riled up! But very true.

As for the migraine - you need to hit them as soon as they start - Nurofen Migraine is the best.

Conch xx

9:46 am  
Blogger shellyC said...

After so long living in a "Non Commonwealth" Country I thought I might get into the spirit of the games as I had when I was at school.....forget it. Firstly I had to watch "The Glasshouse" during the opening wasn't really with the whole thing.

And as for the commentary since....Do we ALL need to see every gold medal presentation to an Australian and then listen to the anthem before going to another ad break!! Really I am so over it all and Dani you could not have put it better about them winning gold for themselves!! even after the taxpayers have paid for their training etc etc

1:55 pm  

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