Tuesday, March 21

Self Portrait Tuesday: Time

Post arrived today well ahead of time with 2 books of photos from a flickr set of mine - although I'm not overly happy with the images - and now I realise that the photos are all compressed and resized to fit the flickr stream so the quality for print is compromised.

Dashing around town this morning with little traffic around was a pleasant surprise, but why was it impossible to find a park anywhere, in any suburb? Does this mean people are leaving their cars parked at home and taking public transport, or even better - walking to work?

Put in a few hours of study today and am feeling very good for it.

These images are from my little breaks or procrastinating, into the fresh air and solitude of my backyard. I figure the light changed during the day and this may succeed in falling into SPT's monthly theme - I could be pushing it a tad. You be the judge.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

i love your red sandels!

4:29 am  
Blogger lisa s said...

i love the yellow glow of the last three images.... so warm and inviting!

4:30 am  
Anonymous steph said...

red sandals! love em. I see you in the ferns, so this qualifies for SPT ;)

4:19 pm  
Blogger Kim Carney said...

those are fantastic photos!

4:20 pm  

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