Saturday, April 1

A Change is a Blowin'

All I can think about right now is that kids story with Henny Penny screaming "The Sky is Falling,The Sky is Falling". Lots & loads of wind happening here - and bits and pieces of tree are being strewn around and are colliding with my roof and windows. Ouch. It'll be a big clean up tomorrow.

The response yesterday was overwhelming. Not. But thank you so much to you dear kind ones who wrote and gave me such lovely feedback - I appreciate each and every word said!!!! Looks like a alot of you wish to remain anonymous and I have to respect that of course.

Good news!!! JD will be returning before Easter!!!!!!!! I am a truly excited little bunny.

I hope this wind dies down so we can make a 2nd attempt to chill on the beach for a little while. This mornings early effort got us as far as the promenade - the soy chai and coffee and baby cino's and calipo's were the highlight. The wind knocking the surfboard over and its fins into my calves was not - total of 2 bruises on right leg now.

Also got back my 1st assignment and results from the online test - HD's all the way. I'm very nicely surprised by this.

Have a great weekend and love the ones you're with!


Blogger Suse said...

Hi Dani, well in response to the post below, you know who I am and why I visit (for your fab photos and stories!). But as for the reason why I rarely get to comment, I'm afraid it's due to the pop up comment boxes. It takes my computer a good 5 minutes to load one, compared to the other post-a-comment system. Sorry!

Now, the reason for me commenting specifically today is to give you this link for felting instructions. Go for it and have fun. It really is the easiest craft around, and the supplies are all so cheap. Just collect an old net curtain from an op shop, buy or salvage lots of bubblewrap, grab an old towel, get your fleece/roving and away you go. Instructions and tips at

PS. Congrats on the high distinctions. I put an essay in today and will be waiting with bated breath ...

11:21 am  

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