Thursday, April 20


Huge congratulations to my cousin Erika (yes another one - I have 26 1st cousins) and to Dr. Rob!!!!!!

It's always such a shame to know though, that you lovely guys share the same day as Hitler. But we won't focus on that now ok.

Last night, the Sydney Flickrheads supported one of our own at a very nice space in Balmain. There were some really beautiful nudes on show. The group is growing - and the never-ending pub crawl is ticking up the km's across town. I am still shocked to know how a group of people who met on the internet can be such a nice bunch of people. One lovely outcome has been the coupling up of 2 sweeties - and I wish you guys (who can't keep their hands off each other) only happiness together.
[if some photos get posted from the group i'll nick a couple to show you all - i didn't have my digi camera with me].


Anonymous Q - 60's girl said...

Hi, are you using the same camera for all these shots. May i ask what camera you use exactly? They really are very good. Also what is your flickr link? :)

8:51 am  
Blogger dani said...

hi q-60's girl!

thank you! i really appreciate taht you enjoy my photos.all the latest photos are taken with an olympus C770. it's a nice little camera but nothing special i can assure you. it's compact, light and has a zoom and was about $700 -so fit the criteria we were after. earlier photos in the stream were taken with a kodak point & shoot or a little spy cam/web cam thing.

you can click to my stream from the blog in the side bar i think but if not:


9:41 am  
Anonymous nicole said...

26 first cousins?!! I have one! (but many second and third cousins).

12:23 pm  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

26 cousins!!!! wow!!!

1:04 pm  
Anonymous morgan said...

It was great to meet you last night, Andrew's mentioned you before, and love the synchronicity :)

5:13 pm  

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