Wednesday, May 3

Crisp Crunchy Colour

This image does not do justice to the 3D massive cloud formations from yesterday. This colour combo is so serenely soothing - I could look at this all day long.

I do love Autumn. The colours speak to my heart. Of course in Sydney with our temperate seasons and mostly native perennial vegetation, we don't get the real intense colour of Europe or North America but I can't help but be fascinated by the change in colour of the deciduous imports, the messy piles of leaves on the streets and the bare branches left behind which makes it easy to study the beautiful forms of the trees more easily.

More birthday celebrations and presents at lunchtime with my Dad. Many phone calls with fellow students about the future of our study. This is going to kill me if the course gets cancelled because people pull out.

Alex Craig - a fellow Sydney Flickrhead has his own exhibition running currently with some amazing B/W images. Last night was opening night and another chance to catch up with some of the group again.


Anonymous Hanna said...

came from spc but just had to comment on the leaf photos - so great!

3:42 am  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

great leaf pics!!!

4:23 am  

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