Tuesday, May 2

(The New) Self Portrait Tuesday: May Introductions

So here's a bit more info about me to go with this challenge:

How do you spend your weekdays?
I am not working at the moment and know this will change soon, so I am enjoying the freedom that this brings, I study Kinesiology, I enjoy the beauty of Sydney as much as possible and take photographs almost daily.

Who lives in your house?
I share my house and life with my husband JD.

Favourite pastime?
Being in nature - at the beach, bush-walking, being with my loved ones.

Worst job?
An assistant for an Advertising Exec. who was a complete and utter mysogynistic arsehole who expected me to fawn all over him and hang on his every word and intuit when he was thirsty. After 2 weeks I had to tell him: this is NOT working for me and HAVE A GOOD LIFE.

Why are you doing self portraits?
It's challenging putting myself out there, it's a cool idea and it's a cool community. I started when the mirror project via Harrumph started years ago, and let's face it - you've always got the subject matter right at hand. I have big issues with exposing myself in this environment and often alter my photos or deliberately not completely show all of me, but I hope to be in a space soon where I can do this. I find so many other SPT'ers inspiring. Find more of them here:


Blogger la vie en rose said...

cool effect!

my worse job ever was answering the phones for a podiatrist. he wasn't bad but his wife was the office manager and she was a nightmare...

5:09 am  
Blogger Jamie said...

Neat picture! Lol, I feel like we've all worked for "that guy." Mine was a doctor who buzzed for his secretary even though she was 2' away. I lasted a morning.

10:51 pm  

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