Tuesday, May 2

Back from the Dead

That weekend of intense learning, and giving each other some deep balances has left me feeling absolutely exhausted. By Sunday night, everything we'd learnt over the past 3 modules had all come together for me and I really felt a shift as a"practitioner" and feel much more confident, but I'd had 2 balances that massively shifted stuff for me and it was quite profound to say the least. I am still being a tad suspicious and a bit cynical about Kinesiology and what it can achieve until I really see results before my eyes, and this weekend I felt it myself, physically and emotionally. It's amazing.

On Saturday while I was busy learning, JD took on his role for the day as my assistant so brilliantly, and I thank him so much for taking all those lovely thoughtful calls from my wonderful family and friends. And sorry that we made plans, changed plans, remade plans and then aborted plans for the night. And thank you so much to my Mum for organising and cooking us a delicious feast of old family soul-food favourites. It's exactly what I needed in a somewhat compromised and tender headspace. Thank you also too, to you wonderful cyberspace friends for your well wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seeing it's Tuesday, I'm partaking in SPT in it's new form so I better go read the new rules.


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