Tuesday, May 16


Maybe I'm getting sick? I have woken up this morning after a normal nights' sleep feeling dreadful. I feel so tired, maybe it's just been a full few days.

Meredith & Andrew's wedding ceremony was really lovely - JD & I both cried.

JD's work do was so much better than I'd been expecting and wasn't anything to do with work politics but an interesting social event with a mix of many cultures and lots of vodka.

And then it was Sunday, Please Please Please I’d love to know how you would have responded to this:

It’s Mother’s Day and it’s 10.30am and we’re all hanging out for Yum Cha. We’ve been salivating in the car on the way there. Arrive at the restaurant and there’s a queue about 40 metres long and we’re at the end of it. People start moving, the line has halved. We’re given a ticket and told around an half hour. We can all handle that – just. Because the alternative is to head back home and do a huge delicious at home cookup for the clan but we’ll need to shop first – and so we decide to wait because we’d probably be eating by the time we would be eating at home.

So we’re waiting and waiting and waiting until we’re told we’re the next table. 45 minutes later, much haranguing, a bit of discussing adamantly, a lot of questioning as to why we’re seeing large tables of people leaving and still we’re not next but somehow those tables are now filled. In total it ended up being over 2 hours of waiting. 2 HOURS. Can you believe it? We couldn’t. And we only got the table in the end seconds before it was given to another group with numbers later than ours and appearing from no where – because I demanded it and wouldn’t give up. Go figure. What the FUCK happened? And why were they letting people queue in 2 places, and why were they letting people queue in the alternative space without tickets?

So the moral to this story is, despite loving the crab, squid, duck, pork, custard tarts and more today: NEVER EVER GO TO YUM CHA ON MOTHER’S DAY. And perhaps never go back to that restaurant.

And yesterday, 2 friends had full on Mondayitis, and took the day off work, and both called me offering up their bodies so I could do my homework (Kinesiology) on them. Which was great considering all weekend my studies had suffered and I was quietly panicking about getting everything done before next Monday's hand in.

Actually that's probably why I'm feeling so tired - being such a green "practitioner" and because of my empathic nature I am still finding my way around separating myself from the client. Somehow I take on what the client is feeling or experiencing - I need to learn how to protect myself which is the next goal I have when I see my kinesiologist.


Blogger ac said...

hei dani, i would not have waited for two hours. but i am quite strict on that. i grew up in eastern germany and was standing in lines way too often for food, for jeans, for goodies.

i learnt to hate it. whenever i can, i leave the queue. or i queue the "efficiant" way.. this is not possible in restaurants and clubs and i dont understand their politics. and i dont want to. there are places, who are willing to offer me a seat, a place to dance..also in sydney, i believe.

better luck next time.

6:05 am  

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