Monday, May 22

Let the Qi Flow

So I had another acupuncture session this morning, but was so distracted and in quite a bit of discomfort with the needle in St 36 that all I could do was breathe deeply, start counting to distract myself and listen to the music. I thought I would have to scream for my doctor to come back but bit my tongue instead and endured it all, knowing that there’s no gain without pain, right? So again no photos – I was definitely not any where near the headspace for that. My acupuncturist is very nice & I’m also able to check different points on the body I’ve been learning in Kinesiology & check their functions from the traditional Chinese perspective which helps me get a broader understanding of the body’s meridian system & overall functioning – it’s so fascinating.

Last night we dressed up in true Eurotrash style (sorry no photos fortunately), tuned in for Eurovision 2006 and spent a lovely evening with friends being completely spoiled with divine Greek food & good humour - (the little custard filled sweets were to die for - I'm not sure if I should find out what they're called and where I can buy them because it may end up being a diabetic timebomb for me). Well, the performances were mostly underwhelming and the true crassness of Eurovision just wasn't happening....well, ok I guess it was - and the winners, the Finlandian Klingons were this years winners probably because they were memorable more than anything else - all the others apart from Germany's country style Little-Bo-Peep sheisse and the Lithuanian Men in Black just merged and morphed into the same dreary schmalzy-wannabee Celine Dion style-middle of the road muzak that sadly is Eurovision.

Just saw DBC Pierre interviewed on Denton, and I have to say, he is a narcissist but I do think he is rather amusing & charming. And I did love Vernon God Little. Looking forward to his new one now.


Blogger lisa s said...

you are so brave to do the accupuncture thing. needles really get to me and so i've never been able to!

hope you are feeling better!

5:33 am  
Blogger kimbofo said...

All I can say is OUCH!

7:22 am  
Blogger Claudia said...

What was more painful: acupuncture or the Song Contest? ;-)
Gah, I hate that too. I wonder why they make such a fuss about that over here in Europe (must be a money thing). Anyhow, regarding this as a trashy must-see encounter is a new perspective to me, LOL.

5:09 pm  
Blogger Claudia said...

Hi Danielle,

Thanks for visiting my blog (second entry, yay!)!
I live 30 kilometres east of Frankfurt/Main, in a
small town near Hanau.
Unfortunately spring is quite cold this year, we're
having thunderstorms, a lot of rain showers etc..

Hey, by the way, where'd you learn German?


P. S.: By the way, I think the name of the Greek desert ist "Galaktoburiko".
Deliciously preparated calories...
I also love the simple yoghurt with honey and roasted almond chips. *drool*

10:19 am  
Blogger dani said...

lisa & kim, i think i've given you a bum steer with the acupuncture. basically it is painless, except sometimes, certain spots, especially the spots that need the work, are sensitive and you can feel it "hitting the spot" so to speak, and you can feel pulsating and vibrations of energy - but apparently the chinese real way is much more extreme, because they do the work of 10 sittings in 1 session and so can be painful. in the west it isn't done like this, and my pain was not pain so to speak but more just discomfort and then i think i panicked and made it worse.

claudia, i learnt a tiny bit of german at school, but then the real deal came when i met my now husband, who is german, and decided after visiting him (for what should have been a few weeks) decided to stay in germany with him for the next 4 years (with holidays home of course). mein deutsch ist nicht perfekt, aber, ich kann viel verstehen und sprechen und es ist einfach jetzt meine zweite sprache. although we hardly ever speak german at home at all, only when i go to germany or speak with the in-laws. we lived in hannover. and i think you're right about the sweet being galaktoburiko, yummmmmm.

2:08 pm  

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