Friday, May 26

Flying Solo Again

We had the pleasure of taking Jindi to school this morning, had one last walk at the beach and enjoyed the fresh sea air, and said goodbye to my family before the mad rush of JD packing last minute for his many weeks away. I'm feeling a bit flat right now, and a bit tired from school, but I want to wait up so I can speak with him in transit in Singapore in a couple of hours. Taking JD to the airport when I'm not joining him is getting so boring. Not that I feel like sitting in a plane for more than 24 hours, but the idea of summer in Europe is killing me. I'm thinking of the white asparagus, the cherries, the strawberries and the long nights. And I guess I'm going to hear all about it soon.

Anyway, all I hope for right now is that JD lands nice and safe in Germany and I guess I won't relax until that happens.



Blogger la vie en rose said...

wishing jd a safe trip and wishing you love and support while he's away

4:51 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haven't the skies been beautiful in old sydney town this past week.
the sunsets have been blowing my mind
nice pics

1:57 pm  

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