Saturday, June 3

Nostalgie und Nachdenklich

Winter is here. Days are short. The air is cold. The leaves are almost gone.

Hot showers before bed and a hot water bottle make getting into my big empty bed at night bearable.

My dreaming is so vivid. I’m continually dreaming of flying in weird tiny little machines and I fly so high that I feel scared – but my god the views are to die for. In 1 dream I dreamt I was with my Mum and we were flying beside a huge mountain in India somewhere, and we could see tracks in the mountain from 1000’s of years of the locals walking their songlines and trade routes. It was spectacular and then somehow I was able to pull back from the mountain and then I realised it was so truly enormous, and I could see the entire landscape before me – it was breathtaking. And so real. But mostly I dream of flying over Sydney. It’s surreal but real and when I wake up I feel elated. Do you dream like this?

My head feels alot like it isn't here but on the other side of the planet with JD somewhere in Germany. And all the reports about the World Cup and the little townships all over Germany welcoming the teams and players and hoardes of tourists is making me feel very nostalgic about that other place I've called home.


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