Friday, June 9

Bubbles Don't Belong in Your Eyes

Several times this week I thought the rain had gone away enough to have a beach walk - and then I'd arrive and so would the wind and a downpour.

Caught up with some lovely souls again at another Sydney flickr meet. But this sake put me to sleep.

My nice hot shower before bed last night resulted in tears. Lots of them. I've got a pump style lovely organic flaxseed with orange bodywash and sometimes the opening gets a little clogged. I hadn't noticed this and pumped once and WHAM a whole load of soap straight in my eye. It was horrible. Knowing that flushing the eye out with water was only going to spread it and make bubbles made me just want to get my tears happening instead. My eye felt raw and scraped. It was so red and this morning I really do look so lovely, it's still puffy and I look stoned.

So me and my fellow students are meeting with our teacher tonight to air our concerns and worries and basically vent out frustrations. I've got a bit to say to her because there have been some things happening that I'm not happy with but I'm not feeling the venom some of the others are and I'm kind of scared about how heated things may become tonight. Let's all breathe deeply now.

I was so happy and so relieved to hear from JD this morning that success may be just around the corner in this project. Please please please. He's under a huge amount of pressure and has been working ridiculous hours and it makes me feel so helpless that I can't be there to help him feel better. I've also been dreaming so much about Germany - walking the streets of Hannover. When I lived there I thought it was boring and was often heard whinging about this and that that was wrong or missing about the city - and now I feel nostalgic about it. And TD is heading off there tomorrow to work on The World Cup and then the cricket - and basically be paid to watch top notch sport in Europe for the summer. Some of us do have a hard life. Fingers crossed to JD & TD catching up and downing a few German beers together. Good luck also to the Diegels who should be leaving today for Germany - I hope you're all well enough to fly.

It's raining here again today after yesterdays respite and glorious blueness. Everything feels so clean.


Anonymous Wing said...

You're doing the right thing in speaking with your teacher. Hopefully everyone can communicate rather than vent. Either way, it sounds like the meeting was well due. 'Cos pipes get old, and roots will grow. If the problem is left unattended, then shit will flow. Even blocked up bodywash bottles can end in tears. Time for the electric eel, so the say. Hope the meeting with the teacher unclogged a few things for everyone.

1:17 pm  
Blogger dani said...

you're so wise wing! glad you're flushing with true appreciation. and yes, last night's talk was a bit like an electric eel. not so pretty what it dredged up but seems like it's solved some problems.

3:08 pm  

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