Tuesday, April 19

Eye Candy

Just back from Danks St. Visited a few of the galleries until my growling stomach told me it was lunchtime. Had to then drop in to Fratelli's for some lovely goodies for tonight's feast.

I was most impressed with Narelle Autio's work. I'd love one of her big prints - but it would be quite hard to choose which one, not to mention finding the dosh. The same can also be said of Trent Parke's work. Check these guys out at: http://www.stillsgallery.com.au

Jeff Carter's old photos bring back so many memories for me. Even though most of them were taken before I was born, the inner city Sydney shots are extremely reminiscent of my first years in Surry Hills. You can find him down at Sandra Byron Gallery at Danks St.

Wayne Hutchins has a whole heap of detailed paintings and photos at The Depot Gallery. I'm glad I got to talk with him so I could understand his process even more.

Better get to work on that job application.


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