Saturday, May 21

More Hours in this Day

I'm feeling very proud of myself. Did the 8am yoga class finally. Which meant getting up at 6am to have a bit of brekky first - otherwise I think I'd have passed out. By the time I got to class, my stomach was growling from hunger pains again. I don't know what's going on with my metabolism.

Back home for breakfast no. 2 - a proper one this time. Mum dropped in and then we headed down to Marrickville (a neighouring suburb 20 mins away) to check out what that strip of suburbia offers. Not as much as I thought, but I did get a huge bunch of joss sticks for $1.80. It's really laid back there, and feels more like a country town strip than being in the city. Passed the Vietnamese travel agent that organised my visa back in 1995. I wonder why they did that? I didn't buy my travel with them or insurance - why didn't I go to the Vietnamese Embassy? Weird.

When I find my card reader for the Kodak I'll share some photos.


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