Monday, May 16

Nick Cave Rocks

It was so hard getting up this morning. Snuggling under the doona just felt like bliss.

The gig last night was pretty awesome. Nick Cave is so charismatic.
And can he dance. The band and back up singers were so tight, and the whole concert was pure energy. Compared with last years' Enmore gig, this was a far higher standard - it was a real show. My ears were aching from the ringing though, ouch. Huge thanks to Tim for organising the tickets and driving us everywhere.

It was cool being back at Luna Park after all those years. It probably wouldn't be the same as when we went as kids before the ghost train fire incident - but they must surely have kept some of the cool stuff at Coney Island. The view of the bridge and city skyline at night from down there is excellent. I really must go back there with my camera soon.


Blogger kimbofo said...

So envious you got to see The Cavester!! Just read a review of his gig at Melbourne Town Hall and it sounded AMAZING!!

By the way, thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog last week. It has taken me awhile to visit yours but am so glad I have done so. I will be adding you to my favourites.

2:33 am  

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