Thursday, May 12

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Wednesday nights at the gallery are such a good idea. And last night was one of those gorgeous still evenings. As we drove past Hyde Park we got our first whiff of that humid smell of soil and trees which you only get when the nights get cool enough and down in the Domain itself it was over the top, especially in combination with the harbour saltiness - mmmm just divine.

The first part of the night was really interesting with Margaret Throsby interviewing Bill Leak. He is such a character and really entertaining (just like how he used to hold the floor at the old Sports Bar in Bondi years ago) - and obviously one of our best artists.

The Archibald selection wasn't overly amazing. My favourites were Ben Quilty's "Beryl" and Michael Zavros' "Alex Dimitriades".

Noel McKenna, Gloria Petyarre & Joe Furlonger's works for the Wynne were beautiful.

Not alot grabbed me in the Australian Photographic Portrait Prize except for William Yang's "Cate Blanchett" which was lovely, but how couldn't you get a lovely one of Cate. Petrina Hicks "Libby Gorr" was also quite touching. Kylie Smith captured Bob Hawke in the most scary eerie way. I don't think I'll ever forget that photo.

Can't wait for Margaret Prestons's Retrospective starting July 29th - October 23rd. She is amazing.



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