Friday, April 29

2 Little Monkeys

Happy Birthday Milva!!!!

What an awesome day has been provided for us today. Thank you. It's going to be 30 and so a nice swim in the ocean is necessary at some point.

How great did my day begin with a little sweet voice singing me happy birthday - and then another sweet voice wanting to get in on the act. I'm very lucky to have the best nieces in the world. I'm kind of behind this morning though due to lots of nice phone calls and the fact that I can't seem to use my phone anywhere in the house except my living room on a certain chair facing west. Gotta love cordless phone technology when you live in a terrace just a few metres away from at least 2 other cordless phone set-ups. Not. We all interfere with each other. I think I'm going to get us an old fashioned phone with a long long cord we can trip over - it would be far more satisfying. And quite frankly I'm sick to death of cross-lines - my neighbours conversations just aren't that interesting

I wish my angel could be with me. Sigh. Long phone conversations and lovely emails are nice though.

Ok, on with my day.


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