Wednesday, April 20

Happy Anniversary

Today, 9 years ago JD and I met in Barcelona. What a day! What an amazing week! What an amazing 9 years. Danke Danke Danke!!! I.L.D.O.E.

After reading Carlos Castaneda's writings about moving assemblage points etc, I can honestly say that perhaps I had moved mine in the lead up to meeting JD as I remember feeling completely different. I felt like I could "see" everything. It felt like my view had grown, expanded, and it physically manifested itself in a feeling of lightness as well as no physical boundaries. OK so that's all a bit hard to explain really. But the feeling was incredible and lasted approx. 6 months. When I realised it had gone, I felt quite sad about it, as it really was a much nicer reality. When we talk about it together today, JD agrees he had similiar feelings. Maybe it was just a love-zone thing, but maybe it wasn't. I hope I can make it return one day.

Happy happy birthday also to Erika & DrRob.


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