Tuesday, April 26

Salty Skin and Sandy Toes

Bondi was near perfect today. Had a dip - I can't really say I swam though, and it was heavenly. The Roosters were having a training/bonding/frollick in the waves type of session. Haven't seen that many muscles or booffy heads on mass for a long time. The water is warm again, we must be getting one of those nice warm currents that make swimming at this time of the year easy. Basically got to hang out with my main gals.

As I type JD will be giving his paper in Essen. Can't wait to hear from him and how it all went. Good luck angel!!!!

Milva and I are trying to work out what we want for the birthday. We may just do a small relaxed girls thing - dinner, movie, cocktails???

Really really do hope to hear back from the potential employer. After last week's conversation, I should feel confident to be getting to meet all relevant people. Fingers very crossed.

Many congratulations also to Suzanne & Shawn - they shall be wedding each other!

Good night


Anonymous Anonymous said...

im from argentina.. im 18 and a few years ago i wrote a peace of poetry that was named "salty skin and sandy toes" maybe was a song, i dont remember very well. so... i found it today, looking for other old things in some old boxes i have full with 3millon kind of other weird objects.

i have just googled that title, to know if anyone had wrote exactly that words, and here i am. jaja..

be happy ! ( my english is a shitttttttt)

12:39 pm  

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