Sunday, April 24


I won't mention the artists/photographers names who we'd gone to listen to today. Basically Sam and I found the work unappealing and decided to scoot out of there before it wouldn't have been polite anymore. Which then gave us the opportunity of strolling around the back streets of Paddo visiting more galleries. Maxine Liau's work was perhaps the best I'd found all day. It was such a beautiful day, and we ended up down at Rushcutters Bay Park sitting in the sun. I love it down there and almost never even think to use this piece of paradise at all. The oval down there was the site of our primary school's athletics carnivals. Running on real turf, not being able to clearly see the lanes, little flags marking areas, and dodgy PA systems so that you sometimes didn't hear your race being called if you weren't in the cute little wooden stand. And later when friends played cricket down here, often the games would be called off if there'd been a bit of rain about as the ground just couldn't handle it and would be soggy and unplayable.

JD has arrived nice and safe. And it only took 22 hours.


Blogger Andrew said...


I am a big fan on Maxine Liau - I particularly love the esquisite red highlight she gingers througout her collection.

I imagine you discovered her works at Art House Gallery on .. what's the street in Rushcutters? Mmmm ..ah! McLachlan Rd.

Anyway, I found a whole collection of hers (for sale I assume) here at Enjoy! - I know I do.

Thanks for the great blog!

10:58 am  

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