Wednesday, April 27

Survival of The Fittest

GOOD NEWS: Got the INTERVIEW and it‘s happening next Monday Yeaaaaahhhhh!!!!

MORE GOOD NEWS: JD’s paper/presentation went smashingly well. He sounded chuffed. As though it would have gone any other way. Back soon to PB for very important family celebrations.

And I miss him.

BAD NEWS:After speaking with my very learned friend the barrister this morning, we’re left with little choice but to have our car insurance deal with the liar’s insurance company. Which means forking out $450 in excess today, for 2 little scratch marks caused by the screws holding our plate number on. Yes I repeat, scratches not indents which $10 of paint would fix. $10 is probably way more than the reality of it. Hopefully we will can get most of this money back – but the hideous truth will certainly be far less than that. It makes me so angry. May the most honest man/woman win!

And then Australia Post made me even angrier wanting to charge $4 for the 1st page of a fax, and $1 for each page after that – are they kidding? They must be kidding right? So I decided to head down to Mum’s work and use their fax machine instead – thanks GF.

MOTHER NATURE: So while casually chatting away, I glance out towards my front courtyard and see a cute little lizard kind of hanging around weirdly off a pot plant. Then I see a black spider (which I know immediately must be one of those bloody redbacks of which we seem to have an abundance) which is striking the lizard and then backing off and striking again. The poor lizard looked gone. But I intervened and with a piece of wood flicked the spider off – and then killed it. Which is bad I know, but they’re not the friendliest wildlife to have around, right? Then I realised I’d caught part of the lizards tail when I flicked the spider. Isn’t it great that the little sweetie can just go grow another one.

REALITY TV: As a self confessed lover of Survivor – I’ve got to say that until last week, it was kind of boring and uneventful. It seems that some more honesty is about to be shown by each character and I can’t wait for next episode.

THINKING: What should I get Milva for her birthday?

HUNGRY: Got to go eat some more of my killer pasta. Ciao.


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