Thursday, April 28

Tschüss 36

Firstly: Herzlichen Glückwünsch dear dear Fritz!!!!! Lots of love energy to you today and always.
OK now it's whinge time.

How can our politicians say there is not enough evidence that global warming is actually taking place? It's the end of April, and it's fully swimming weather. Not that I'm complaining too much - but hey, where is the rain? Mr Howard get a grip and sign Kyoto.

Another thing I need to whinge about it: Bloody Cats! Sorry dear cat lovers but cats spraying their disgusting smelling "this is my territory and I want to f**k you other pretty cats" is not pleasant. At all. It doesn't help I suppose having an über cat lover living next door - I'm sure all the cats in the neighbourhood come to check out her cats. So these bloody cats are spraying my front yard. I can't even tell where exactly but it seems like everywhere. But I can't see the spray like I could in the past. After washing down my pavers, walls, door grill, twice, things seem to smell back to normal. Please little kitties, STAY AWAY.

Killed another redback with my trusty Birkenstock.
Other news:

Ran into old family friends Grace & Reno buying my Spelt. It was a reminder to us all to organise a proper catch up/picnic before someone dies.

Bought the soundtrack to Life Aquatic. And found out it was Noah Taylor who suggested Sven Libaek as a composer. If you haven't seen the film - DO. Also got Lior's album but at this stage I only seem to like 1st track. Why do I keep buying cd's for one itty song?

And lastly, I'm sooooooo looking forward to Mum's birthday feast for us tomorrow night:
Black Bean & Chilli Crab + Stir Fried Snake Beans/Greens in Oyster Sauce + Steamed Pork with Shrimp Sauce + Rice. Divinity. It's that simple.


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