Wednesday, May 18

School Stuff

Speaking with my sister, with her breaking down into tears as she told me what had happened to sweet Jindi at school yesterday has left me feeling shattered. My 5 year old niece who started Kindergarten this year, has been the subject of bullying once again. Bullying?! 2 children older than she is have had "issues" with her since the 1st week of school. My niece is a very pretty, intelligent, confident girl - could this be the reason? Anyway, whatever the reason, it does not warrant the abuse she has received, in particular her head being smashed against the toilet walls and her face being pinched. Thank God she is incredibly articulate and open and is able to express herself and wants to tell her Mum everything about her days at school. Imagine if she suffered this all in silence like some other children do. Let's hope this is the end of it now the principal is involved.

An example of her resilience I'm very proud to say, is she begged me to come to her school assembly today. Kindergarten were leading the assembly and she was introducing one of the guest speakers. She was so stoked to be doing it and had learnt it by heart. The whole thing was very cute. Especially the kids saying things in unison like: Gooood Moooooorrr-ning Missssussss Jo-Annnnnaaaaaaa Bllllllowwwwwww. It was a nice thing to be part of.


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