Sunday, May 29


Getting up at 6am on a Saturday morning now feels totally natural.

Yoga felt awesome. I came home feeling ecstatic. Milva called and was bouncing off the walls - she was playing some reggae so loud it sounded like she was at a recovery party in Jamaica. JD was energised. With the 3 of us now committed to Saturday mornings it makes the whole thing easier and more fun.

After some deliberation I decided to take Tim up on a bike ride. He brought over his helmet and kevlar implanted jacket which made me feel safer - but I really didn't like only having jeans on - but I've either left my leather pants in Germany, or they're packed away in the attic. We only did a short drive to Vaucluse to friends L & N (they have a living room to die for with views onto the ocean and cliffs). It felt fantastic being on a bike again and it brought back many wonderful memories of life in Hannover in the late 90's with JD. I love how much more aware you are travelling on a bike, but I don't love how un-bike friendly Sydney roads are and Sydney drivers are really BAD - they don't care about their blind spot at all.

JD couldn't do much with his guitar today and so we had the afternoon together. And finally bought a new telephone - and now there's no more crackling and interference from the neighbours. How and why did we endure it that long.

Watched Princess Bride for the 1st time. A sweet and funny film, but I think because it seems to be a lot of people's favourite film it was blown out of proportion for me. I enjoyed it but it doesn't make my top 10.


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