Sunday, May 22


Still maintaining getting up early. You can do so much more this way.

Walked Bondi once. We got sidetracked watching some good surfing. The sun was so warm that it was hard to believe the temperature gauge at Nth Bondi Surf Club was reading 17 degrees?




Unfortunately we didn't spot any whales today. But we did see a large school of mystery fish jumping through the water. Sunning ourselves on the cliffs at Dover Heights was heavenly.


And the whole day is still ahead.


Blogger kimbofo said...

Wow. What a perfect way to start a day.

In ol' Blighty my morning began with rain (what else?) and a bit of wind. But now, just after 11am, it looks like the sun has decided to make an appearance. So I'm off to the French bakery down the road for some fattening pastries and croissants.

I guess life isn't too bad. :)

8:16 pm  

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