Monday, May 23

Revving up for the Week

So the job hunt continues. Please let something cool come up this week!

I'm loving the colour pink again. I just bought a new hat - I've never had this style before and I love it. It's a bit boofy on top. I'm not really what you'd think a typical pink kind of gal would be, and friends are quite shocked when they visit my house and see pink towels and waste bin in the bathroom. I guess the colour makes me feel good.


In honour of pink here are some amazing bouganvillea I snapped down at Vaucluse the other day. I've never been successful growing it myself despite it being one of the more foolproof type of plants to cultivate.


Did one lap of Centennial Park today with Chrissie & Jack. It was gorgeous there - and not too croweded.


Now I'm off to make dinner so we've got something delicious and wholesome to eat when we get home from yoga.


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