Monday, June 20

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Social. Indulged. Laughed alot. Ate well. Generosity. In awe. Cultural. Physical. That was my weekend in brief.

Huge thanks to TK and CM for a funny night on Friday and the food was truly awesome.

Started a new sequence at yoga – and it feels hard. It takes so long in winter to fully warm up. As usual I was thinking of any reason not to go. I felt like an old woman when I woke up, but half way through the class I was already feeling better physically and mentally.

Saw The Downfall on Saturday night. The performance by Bruno Ganz is the best acting I’ve ever seen. And there are so many moments in the film where the dialog, the atmosphere, the poignancy of the moment is so perfect – it’s breathtaking. The first moment „Hitler“ appeared on screen I felt sick – and I thought I actually wasn’t going to be able to sit and watch the film. I had thought for months I wasn’t going to bother – I’d seen it all before, nothing new to tell, and really why would I want to know the psyche of Hitler better – but it’s so much more than that, and I hugely recommend everyone to see this film. I hope Bruno Ganz wins the Academy Award for best actor for this performance.

Knowing we would need some soft place to fall after the film, we had booked a table at The Balkan for dinner. Yummmm.

Forgot all about the march for refugees but ran into them on the way to the concert.


We were treated to a brilliant performance by Gareth Koch on Sunday afternoon. He was playing at the Eugene Goossens Concert Hall at the ABC Centre. This is the first time I’ve ever been to a radio concert – and the biggest shock was that it was free. It was very cool and we even had front row seats. Before that we grabbed my favourite soul food soup – seafood bean curd – in chinatown – and on the way back home we got ourselves half a duck to have with steamed rice and greens.


Thank you for all this abundance in my life!


Get your hands on this magazine Selvedge if you want to know all the goss on textiles. It's such a nice production. And this month's cover has the very talented Frida Kahlo on it.

Even though I don't have an iPod - I think the designer Todd Sheldrick is well on to something.
I hope he makes these cool little covers for other things.

Now,to my views on the Australian cricket team. I found it appalling that Andrew Symonds was outed by his team mates for drinking before the game or the night before or whatever and then fined and suspended. As though the other guys don't drink too, and as though that is the first time a player for any team has turned up hung over. Really pathetic guys. And as for Shane Warne - well there isn't anything positive to say so I won't say anything. Congratulations to Bangladesh for winning so outrightly and to the Poms for showing the Aussies they can be beaten more than once.

And lastly, thank you Telstra for getting our line back in order.


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