Saturday, June 11

Eat Fest

Last nights' Japanese feast was over the top. Yes we ordered way too much food even though we only order 3 dinners for 4 of us. It was all fantastic: the sushi, the agedashi tofu the fish teriyaki, the misu and the green tea ice-cream. Thank you Sushi Suma (421 Cleveland St. Surry Hills).


And then I also drank too much. For me these days any alcohol can be felt the next day - which is why I tend not to touch it at all. And having our good friends from Mudgee in town - with him being one of Australia's newest and already well respected wine makers and drinking one of his fine Pinot Grigio's, I couldn't really resist could I?.

So last night we made the decision to not set the alarm at 5.50am so we could do the early yoga class and opted for the later one instead. Right now I'm feeling quite exhausted physically. I can hardly sit up straight at this computer. An afternoon nap may be in order.

Safe travelling also to our good friend T., who's off to the US for the golf for a few weeks.

And yes it's a long weekend. More time to play with JD.


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