Wednesday, June 8

Lamb Roast Tonight

Happy Birthday greetings to my bro' in law S today. And to ET for yesterday.

A few days ago my sister found some photos of the day she and S met. I used to date one of his best friends and S was visiting us from Perth. We were taking him on a tour of Sydney, showing him all these amazing spots. We were driving a very cool Humber Vogue at that time - I loved that car - Anyway I thought my sister would like to meet S, and so when our Humber konked out at the bottom of the hill coming out of Watson's Bay and S came to the rescue when he asked "can we krank it?", and "do you have the crankshaft?" And we could actually answer "YES", even though I had no idea what it entailed - and then S actually found the crank hole, cranked the car - like in the old days - started the car, saved the day and so won the affections and admiration of my sister.

I can't believe I don't have a photo on hand to show you because it is seriously one of the coolest cars. But I just found this:



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