Saturday, June 4


We tried a new restaurant this week and yesterday my sister and I revelled in a quick yum cha at our new Chinese day-feed standard. Here's the review:

Doma Bohemian Beer Cafe
29 Orwell Street, Potts Point, 93310022
Photo: Fiona Morris
This is plain basic middle European food. 4 of us ended up having the chicken schnitzel (how boring I know) and it is definitely the best I've had in a long time. JD had a meat platter, assorted pork - quite German really and he said it was divine. The beer is excellent - quite a variety and cheap. I had a schnappsy type thing. Thankfully I chose the 40% not 50% and had only 1 of them. The atmosphere is cosy (apart from the table of drunk men who sang badly and loudly),and sitting outside would have worked even though it was freezing as they have lots of those outdoor heaters, it's a very casual cheap night out. It's at the cool end of the Cross with loads of nice shopping and other fine restaurants and galleries around.

Kam Fook Seafood Restaurant - Bondi Junction
Located on Level 6 - Phone 9386 9889

When you need a break from shopping (this is where I do my grocery shop) and you need to satisfy your Yum Cha fix , head here. The original one in Chinatown was considered one of the best eats in town - this is heading the same way. I think their dumplings are fresher, bigger and yummier than most places I frequent. The sui mai which aren't usually my favourite thing are so delicious here I always need to sneak a couple into my bowl. The squid is tender and the desserts are done well. Also pretty cheap - you'll be nicely stuffed at around $15 p.head

Tonight friends will be kindly cooking for us in Balmain. Aren't we the spoiled ones? I'm also really proud of JD for sticking to his giving up of bread & cheese - yes believe it or not it's true, for the first time in over 30 years. I think he's going to go the whole hog and do a fast next.Freaky.


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