Wednesday, June 1

Off the Air

Been having computer and provider problems lately. Which is definitely pointing us more in the direction of 1. buying a new computer and 2. changing provider & getting broadband.

Car2 has been leaking oil from somewhere and is in for service - please let it be a tiny problem. So I am without vehicle today which is giving me the opportunity of catching up on lots of new reads on the web and making all the little house chores I've been ignoring that much more obvious.

On the weekend we also decided to rid ourselves of our phone system which has been driving us nuts for months. The base set wasn't speaking to the roaming handsets well at all and we were picking up other peoples calls and there was always this hideous static not allowing us to move out of the living room etc etc. Well last night I arrived home, went to make a call and the new phone was dead. The answer phone part was dead. Dead dead, and no matter which power point we put it into - the power wasn't reaching the phone at all. Thankfully we bought an old fashioned cord phone, that has not one feature on it except it being a phone you can communicate with. And it works. And it's kind of retro looking. The other one is going back to the shop and we won't be replacing it with another one like it. Sorry Telstra we'll be changing brands.


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