Wednesday, June 1

New View


Caught up with friends on Sunday for a picnic. They live in Cabarita
which is a harbour suburb in the western suburbs. Doesn't sound right
does it? I'd never been there before and it was quite nice really and
very relaxing. Noone was around using the park at all. It's like a brand
new housing village, well designed, seems very expensive and a tad
Truman-esque. No litter and well groomed gardens.Our friends also have
a kayak and so later in the day JD had a go. I chickened out as I wasn't
dressed for it, it was freezing, and I've never done it before so I really
didn't want to roll it and end up in the water. It felt like we were in another
city altogether.


Yesterday had a brief picnic and play at Nielsen with Milva and Doll.
It was really warm in the sun, and as always so nice to be there.



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