Thursday, June 2

Morning Stroll

OK, so I'm sitting here about to post something and the tv is on (ok i know that's really bad) and i just heard: "Oprah, I mean would you want a penis?". An embarrassing confession for so many reasons I know.

NB: I've just turned the tv off.

Getting back to what I wanted to share, and that is some of what I saw this morning walking around the neighbourhood:


This is my old primary school, established in 1879 and one of the oldest schools in town. Even my Mum attended this school. In fact cousins, aunties and uncles went here.

This is part of a new apartment/shopping/gallery complex that used to be an important women's hospital. 3 of Sydney's major women's hospitals have merged into 1and now there are none in the inner city.
I've actually never eaten here, but it's been around for a million years.

This is pathetic. There's no excuse for this. Alot of people think this
is the result of backpackers moving on - and for them it's easier,
cheaper and not their problem. I'm sure this is also done by Aussie
residents as well.


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