Friday, June 10

A Non Story

With no disrespect to Ms. Corby and her plight, why do Australians and the government seem to be more upset about her treatment and incarceration than with someone like David Hicks?

Hicks has been held in Cuba for more than three years. He has been charged with terrorism-related offences but his trial has been delayed by legal argument over the validity of the US's system of military tribunals.

Since the US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has said he wants to see detainees tried and possibly jailed in their home countries and theBush administration has said that Guantanamo Bay detainees should be released to their country of origin, then why is he still being detained? The second Australian held at Guantanamo Bay, Mamdouh Habib, was released in February without charge.

The Federal Government is now being called upon by David Hick's father to clarify the statements by the US government."Our Government should be speaking to Rumsfeld to find out whether this is a fact or whether it's just talk," he said.

"If it is fact, then they should be doing something to get David back."

Mr Hicks says although David has already been charged in the US, he would have no charges to face in Australia.

"This would be an appropriate time now for the Australian to step in and see if they can get David back to Australia, regardless of whether he's got to face anything here or not - as long as he gets back home," he said.


Anonymous kimbofo said...

The cynic in me says it's because she's an attractive female

7:08 am  
Blogger dani said...

Not cynical at all m'dear.

2:34 pm  

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