Thursday, June 30

Things just get Sicker

SBS reported last night about this new video game - realistic shoot 'em up stuff - that's actually designed and marketed by the US Department of Defense. It's called 'America's Army' and it's ranking at number four in the US charts and it's becoming an army recruiter's new best friend.

Public support for the war in Iraq has plummeted and George Bush is begging the US people and the military to "stay the course" in Iraq and Afghanistan. But with the US receiving casualties daily, the task of persuading Americans to sign up is becoming increasingly difficult. For the fourth month in a row, the army has fallen well short of its recruitment targets. The result is that they're turning to some pretty unconventional methods to persuade young Americans to do it for Uncle Sam. I hope it doesn't work. That's all we need - more dead young people.

So why don't you listen up Mr. Bush? Even your own people don't want to fight your sick greedy money war!


Blogger Tisane For One said...

I missed this show but I have always wondered - how can some people compare a video game where casualties are coded script to casualties that are in fact someone's son, daughter, mother, father or friend? I am in disbelief and rather disgusted actually. Thanks for the post!

10:47 am  

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