Tuesday, July 5

Environmental Art

Farming with Mary has almost been and gone and I have seen not one piece of press about it in Australia. It is a contemporary art project that brought 1o environmental artists from all over the globe and 4 regional artists to the farming community in the Mary Valley Region in Queensland.

Together, the artists looked at regional issues through quite different eyes and could provide the farmers and the regional artists with new ways of looking at their own territory. They arrived June 19th and for ten days they lived with the families, who also gave them accommodation and shared their meals. The art pieces were made mainly with natural materials available on-site. The 4 regional artists chose the surroundings of a bridge in each of the 4 villages: The focus is on the sharing experience and on the process.

They should be visible at least until the end of August.

After some googling, found 1 piece of press from the Sunshine Coast. And no photos.

Thank you Cool Hunting.


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