Tuesday, July 5

Self Portrait Tuesday

The picture says it all doesn't it? Paradise! We try to get down here at least once or twice a year. I have spent many summers there. There's almost nothing else to do except swim, eat,walk, and chillout. It usually takes me 2 days to get into the groove and after that I always feel like moving here, buying a house and setting up. JD could not believe his eyes when he first arrived. He was stunned with the beauty and the lack of people. Sorry I can't dislose any more information about where this place is. It's a secret.

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Thanks Kath.


Blogger kath red said...

so lovely. i love love the beach. its an annual camping pilgrimage for us to our favourite spot. there is nothing like the white sand and blue ocean to wash away your cares.

10:11 am  
Blogger Suse said...

oh beautiful ... and just what we need to see in the middle of winter to keep us going!

7:29 pm  
Anonymous maria said...

SO pretty... love the perspective.

1:17 am  

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