Saturday, July 2


After madly rushing to get ready for morning yoga class, I found myself unable to leave as my car wouldn't start. Luckily JD helped me jump start the car - and so it seems it was just the battery being flat. But why? Maybe it was because of all the rain this past week and humidity was clogging something? I then drove it for an hour to make sure it got fully charged. The big test is whether it's going to start when I head off again shortly. Fingers crossed.

I have been feeling nostalgic about Germany. This is the reason for the following posts/photos. I lived in Hannover for almost 4 years. Since living back here in Sydney I've only been back 3 times. We will be heading back later this year, as JD has a work project
there for several months and I'll probably join him somewhere near the end so we can have a holiday and probably spend Christmas/New Years in Europe.
My dream is to stop in India on the way back.


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