Saturday, July 2


duesseldorf 2002-4
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This is a new and funky part of Düsseldorf's media district. I fell in love with this architecture. It kind of looks Moorish and Gaudi-esque to me. Had a great day roaming around this part of town.


Blogger kath red said...

very unusual, i thought at first it was digitally manipulated to look like it was all bendy. are you sure its not!

12:59 pm  
Blogger dani said...

It's cool isn't it? Definitely some of the best modern architecture I saw in Germany.

3:14 pm  
Anonymous Kelvin Ullman said...

Very interesting.

6:01 am  
Anonymous Jane said...

It's Frank Gehry. Check out his bilbao guggenheim in Spain. He made a big mistake, my good ol' Frank, down at MIT. It is a ripper.

1:06 am  
Blogger dani said...

cool one jane - how i didn't realise it was gehry is crazy - i love his bilbao work.

11:58 am  

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