Monday, August 1

Since Last Time

Ok, this is going to be ultra brief even though so much has happened - because I am feeling so sick, a flu is coming, my bones, throat, hea, ears are aching.

20th School Reunion: Yes I said 20th. It was good. Almost everyone looked fantastic. The 2 best moments for me were linking up with 2 girls I befriended on day 1, stayed friends with for a couple of years and then we all drifted away from each other for some unknown reason. Drank too much as I don't usually do at all, and so Saturday was a haze of nothingness and feeling flat - my JD was lovely and doted on me all day so making it bearable.

Yesterday we had the most unbelievable morning at Bondi. We'd gone for our usual walk.
A helicopter and loads of boats were way out and watching it all it seemed like whales
were pounding around but it all seemed so extreme and so we thought it was a little
speed boat. Well we were wrong. As it all kep getting closer, we realised there were
whales, and they were putting on an Oscar type winning performance. They were breaching
and slapping and pounding the surface of the water right in shallow at Bondi for at
least half an hour. JD snapped a few moments. Thank you Universe for putting on this show.


More when I'm back on deck.


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