Thursday, November 24

Getting Colder

We'll have a low today of 0 and a high of 2. But still no snow. Had a few vodka's last night and I'm surprised I'm not feeling worse this morning.
We have dinner with JD's colleagues (from Australia) a few times a week. They're a nice bunch of guys and it's cool getting to know them because it helps me understand the company politics and more about how JD feels about work.

2 things about German restaurants Australian restaurants should adopt:

Coat racks - even though we don't all wear huge thick winter jackets, we do wear jackets and scarves and it isn't always pleasant having to hang them over the back of your chair, and worse if room is tight and people are brushing up against your clothes or knocking it off the back onto the floor.

Free Aperitifs - I think when you receive anything gratis you feel better about the place and probably end up spending more. It breeds goodwill and best of all, it kickstarts your appetite perfectly.


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