Monday, June 13

What day is it?

Long weekends are great. The Sunday night blues don't
appear and
there seems like so much time to do anything
and everything. I guess
a huge thank you to The Queen
for giving us this day off.

Finally our wait was over. Yesterday we saw 3 separate
pods of whales.
It was magical. I get so addicted to
each time they emerge, it's like
you just can't get enough
of them. Just gorgeous. This shot shows 3
whales, the
large one had just smashed it's huge tail against the surface

and the baby one in the middle was so cute.


This spot in the Royal National Park, about 45 mins south
from our house
is the definitive whale watching spot. All
natural surrounds and we see
whales every time we go
there. We sat here for about 3 hours yesterday,

picnicked, meditated, talked, stretched, relaxed. It was


We ended this day just as nicely as it began. The girls were
staying at Mum's,
so we went and had a play with them. The
two of them together running riot in that
house reminded me
so much of how it must have been with my sister and I as kids.


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