Wednesday, July 13

10 Random Sightings This Week

Black Cockatoos - not only are they rare, especially in the inner city of Sydney - but I saw them on 2 different occasions in the same day.

7 people picking their nose in their cars driving. Revoltment!

A used syringe outside my house.

Loads of gorgeous teenage girls, holding hands, looking sexy & wearing furry ugh-boots and Playboy logo t-shirts.

2 totally wired guys carrying a Mull-o-matic type machine walking down the street.

Queues of gorgeous 20-somethings queuing for I don't know what - in the rain - for hours. Whatever was inside must have been good - a sign out the front said "10 items only per person".

Rainbows - at least 3 of them.

Lots of fellow yoga devotees doing absolutely the opposite of what the teacher is telling them to do.

People wearing t-shirt, shorts & thongs in 12 degree weather. What is that about?

Very little traffic on the roads - yay go the school holidays.


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