Monday, July 11

Weekend Roundup

A rather large antique desk has been kindly held in friends's storage for years now and we were given the news that it needs to be moved. So we spent alot of time this weekend rearranging furniture, chucking things out, paring back & reorganising our tiny little house to make room for it. Thankfully my wonderful husband doesn't see any of this as much of a hassle as I do, and so made the whole process so easy and did most of the work. He also came up with some cool ideas and now our house is minus 1 table and cupboard - and hey presto we have so much more room, less clutter and a feeling of space. We're still not done - when we are I'll post a shot or 2.

It was also a weekend of eating. Duck ragout at Il Baretto's on Saturday night - nice but on the smallish side and expensive for a bowl of pasta. On Sunday due to the weather we changed the picnic to a lunch party and everyone brought outstanding and delicious food to share. Catching up with friends D&P + L&S + M&S and all the kids was overdue and very nice.

And finally the decision to go adsl was made - hopefully before the end of the month we'll be all set up and life will be easier. I don't know how and why we lived with dial-up for so long. Surfing the net has been so slow, so tiresome and so draining.


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