Thursday, July 7


It's been a family day today - saw my Mum, sister, nieces and Dad. Lucky me. I got a belated b'day present from Dad - Air's Talkie Walkie which I'm loving. Almost everything of theirs is genius.

My muscles are aching from my mid-week yoga practice yesterday. Ouch.

I'm currently researching adsl/broadband provider options - they all make things look so attractive upfront, but when you delve a little deeper you realise they want lots of your money every month. Does anyone have any ideas??

And I'm absolutely ecstatic about the upcoming exhibition at spirit level starting July 16th.
Urban Art Projects in collaboration with Maningrida Arts & Culture (Arnhem Land), the Wik & Kugu Art & Craft Centre (Cape York) and spirit level will be presenting a group of Indigenous artists who work in remote communities in far northern Australia.


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