Friday, July 8


What really can one say to the people who have lost someone today? Or to the people who are suffering horrendous injuries or fighting for their lives right now?

What I am sure about saying though is that the London Emergency Plan seems to be so well orchestrated and implemented. Maybe it has something to do with the way the British are in general but from my living room, there did seem to be a very calm and controlled manner amongst all the emergency workers and the public themselves. And that was special and amazing to watch.

What I did find sickening was the statement "the if has become the when". That is just so off. If that really is the truth, then why shouldn't and wouldn't our governments start activating a better plan to resolve the differences between the peoples and groups that inflict this sort of terror before this happened. Are we all just going to sit around and wait for cities like Berlin, Tokyo, Sydney etc etc to be terrorised as well?

Counter terrorism expert Boaz Ganor said in Sydney yesterday, "Britain is one of the main targets of global jihad and part of the coalition in Iraq. It is much easier to attack London than American cities.........There has been information about attacks against British Airways and poison attacks, possibly involving the Underground. Whoever did it is probably trying to imitate the case of Madrid to provoke internal debate about the coalition against Iraq."

So the question has to be posed: Why was it so easy for Spain to pull out of Iraq, and why isn't it so easy for the UK, Australia and the US? Why are our governments putting us at this sort of risk?

Positive energy and prayers to the people of London.


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