Saturday, July 9


Having gone years and years without eating schnitzel of any kind - in the past month or so I've had it 3 times at 3 different establishments with 3 different head spaces - Doma Beer Cafe, The Balkan & Una's.

The night at Doma was festive - there were 5 of us, we were drinking beer & schnapps as well.
The night at the Balkan was after seeing the Downfall, and much later than my usual dinner time. The lunch at Una's was excessive. We'd only breakfasted a couple of hours earlier.

The Verdict: The
Doma in Kings Cross wins for many reasons. The food was the best. The extensive European beer and schnapps on offer is amazing. The atmosphere is cool - even sitting outside in winter works, and on a balmy summer night would be fantastic. The prices are like Sydney 10 years ago. Don't go changing Doma.


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