Tuesday, July 26

I Just Don't Get It!

Horse racing is not glamourous. Why do a whole bunch of people actually care about seeing and being seen at a Spring Carnival? This is sick, depraved, and so superficial it makes me sick.

Horse racing is about gambling. That's all. And about extravagantly wealthy people using whatever means possible to get their horses over the line first.

This sick obsession about deciding on which dress, shoes, make-up, nail-polish, a hat or a fascinator, the handbag etc etc to wear to a bloody race-track is doing my head in. Do these women get so done up because they actually think they're going to find a rich man out there - their Prince Charming - or is it because we have so few opportunities these days to really dress up and show off that we'll take any old event like a horse race meet to do it?

And what the hell is a fascinator anyway? An incredibly ugly and stupid accessory that's what!

Don't you just want to have one of your own.


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