Thursday, July 14

It's just my Opinion

Last night we sat down for the first time in ages in front of TV together. After dinner we had an onslaught of death, killing, murder, genocide, fear mongering, lies and stupidity until we couldn't take it anymore. All of it was so f**ked up and depressing and tiring and annoying - definitely not the sort of stuff you need before bed and rest.

This morning I have a few questions to ask:

Whilst never believing killing another person is ever right or just or necessary, and therefore I don't agree with "terrorism" - Why are the acts of the "terrorists" seen as completely different to what our so called real armies and military machines do in any battle?

Why aren't the reasons that terrorists give for the destruction of lives and their own lives taken as reasonable and valid and something to think further about? The reasons being things like: Stop warring with Iraq and Afghanistan. A real solution for peace between Israel & Palestine is necessary. The West should stop dictating and forcing its own views of what is democracy and freedom on the rest of the world.

Why are the Allies still in Afghanistan? Why are they still in Iraq? But why aren't they in Sudan? Or Bosnia? Why do we let Israel, China, North Korea and the USA have weapons of mass distruction - but don't allow other countries to develop them?

Why has Australia committed more of our miltary to combat - especially at a time when terrorism is pretty much knocking on our doorstep? When will enough be enough? Why are they putting us more at risk?

Sorry, but I needed to get that off my chest.


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